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Why is the Dandelion a symbol of the Military Brat?

As a dandelion sheds its spores they scatter far and wide hoping to find soil so it can grow and flourish. The military Brat moves from one place to another on a constant basis whether overseas or within the continental United States always hoping to find a place to call home even for a little while and maybe make a friend that will bond for the time that they are there or maybe for a lifetime. Like a Dandelion the Military Brat is adaptable and yet constantly changing in order to survive. The Dandelion and the Military Brat will always have a connection as long as there is wind and resilience.

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  1. Patty on February 8, 2020 at 7:14 pm

    My Father used to go TDY to Germany and he would bring us things. Such as later hosen and dirndls. Little did we know that in November 1970 that we would head to Germany ourselves. We had been in Italy as little children, but this would be a big adventure! There were four of us Age 3 through 9 and We stayed in a pensione for over a month before our father secured a home for us in Bischofsheim on the outskirts of Frankfurt. We enjoyed the best of German culture while going to American schools. Our first Christmas was wonderful and magical with snow and Christmas markets.
    We were on the economy for about a year when we were offered post housing in Oberursel. Camp King was a great place for kids to grow up that was far away from Frankfurt, where we went to school. We became great Travelers and enjoy the best of Europe while living in Frankfurt area. I met my husband on Camp King and It didn’t hurt that we both were Army BRATS. I’ll never regret The wonderful years we spent In Frankfurt and all the friends we made who are dear friends still to this day.

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